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As the narrator says in your video link above, there are many ways to hatch out artemia cysts.
To differ with his procedure, I hydrate the cysts in the water for 1/2 hour before aerating for 1 hour and then sterilizing a few minutes with some bleach. The bleach for obvious reasons of bacteria control but the hydrating procedure will mean a lot less of the cysts being carried above the water line when you start. You will still get residue later from the hatched shell remains but that isn't a problem.
A big problem for me is the harvesting as he explains.
Unfortunately, not all cysts will hatch, and while the hatched shell remains will mostly go to the top, the unhatched ones remain at the bottom and so when you open that valve, you are collecting cysts and nauplii at the same time.
I recommend separation of these unhatched cysts first. One way is to slowly open the valve and let a slow flow run, and most of the unhatched cysts will come out first. Discard this portion and then continue to harvest. You will never get complete separation but you try for the best anyway.
There are several sources of decapped cysts, including Dan Underwood of However, read closely because a lot of the decapped cysts sold are NOT viable for hatching and are meant only for direct feeding to non seahorse tanks.
I think you are making a wise decision, and, leaving yourself open to rethinking the hobby after college.

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