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Originally Posted by bradleym View Post
I spoke too soon about the pictures. And it doesn't look like they are paired up, so not sure about that either. It'll be interesting to see that tank again after all the anemones settle in and stretch out.

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Havenít been in the reef game for a while, got a little a nano and just doing a complete anemone tank and wanna do 4-6 clowns down the line but I just donít understand whatís going on. This platinum was hosting the GBTA at LFS so I took both even though I didnít really want a GBTA. The mocha hosted the red one on the left for about 20 minutes, then all night was hiding under the GBTA around the foot. And next day. Dead. It just makes no sense that 2 clowns have died the same way after hosting the same nem. The nem is beautiful. A very deep red and I donít want to get rid of these 4 as they are very deep in the rock with their foot.

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