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My tank specs are as follows: 40 gal reef with 192 watts PC lighting plus 60 watts actinic fluro, 20 gal sump running a skimmer, and a RDSB (Remote Deep Sand Bed), and other odds and ends. 1500lph return pump, 2500lph and 600lph circulation pumps.

Livestock includes a bunch of soft mushrooms (freebies), a pair of black & white occelaris clowns (i'm pretty sure the female is wild caught), a very friendly and useful coral beauty, and three chromis. The cb constantly keeps the rocks free of algae, and even eats flake food with the chromis. Quite an outgoing critter.

I plan to collect corals this weekend, and the only other possible addition is a small bubble tip anemone (split from another reefer's RBT).

I have finally achieved 0 nitrates (yay!!), and all other params are good (0 nitrite, 0 ammonia, 8.2pH)

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