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Originally Posted by Floyd R Turbo View Post

You're missing the fact that if they are both 2 cube/day screens, then they have the same LxW area.

No, not missing this fact; it's actually the point I'm making.

Look at this way.

A fraction of the aquarium' inorganics are filtered from it's water each time its volume passes through the scrubber.

So if you have a tank turnover twice an hour through the scrubber it will remove twice the fraction of inorganics that is does with only one tank turnover through the scrubber per hour.

Now on tank #1 if we double the turnover, we will have to do it by doubling the speed of flow over the screen, and I think we agree that doing this will not increase the fraction of inorganics removed from the water.
You can double or tripple the flow through the scrubber, and as a consuquence, double or tripple the TTR, but if increasing the speed of flow through the scrubber doesn't increase the fraction of inorganics taken out of the water, it will make no difference.

But if we double the width of the screen without doubling the surface area, and we double the flow over the screen without increasing the speed of flow we do increase the fraction of inorganics removed.

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