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Originally Posted by Floyd R Turbo View Post
You're missing the fact that if they are both 2 cube/day screens, then they have the same LxW area.
Apologies Bud, you're right I'm wrong!

Widening the screen without increasing its surface area doesn't increase the filtering, it just means you need a bigger pump. LOL

what if you doubled the flow over Tank #1 screen, would this increased nutrient uptake over a 24 hour period?

What got me think about this TTR thing is that a scrubber removes a fraction of the available nutrients with each tank turnover through the scrubber. So you need multiple tank turnovers every 24 hours to remove 100% of the nutrients or you get rising nutrients.

We don't know the value of the fraction removed, so you cannot calculate the number of tank turnovers needed.

How was the cube equivalent - screen size calculated without knowing these imputs?

was it a guess that just worked ???

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