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Originally Posted by LQT View Post
My understanding of the Aurora fixture is that its par performance is less than stellar due to the fact that the LEDs have no lenses or reflectors to punch through on deeper tanks. The LED boards are just bare diodes without any optics.

Here is a review and discussion of the Aurora in a prior ReefCentral threadů
Thanks for the link. Interesting thread. That is from 2015. The new model Aurora V8 has dimmable T5 (from 0-100%) and can be programmed via an iPhone (a plus).
You make a good point about the LED component.

Giesemann also makes the Stellar hybrid system where they provide the T5 lamps (2 on each side rather than 4 on each side for the Aurora V8), but you can put any LED lights you want in the middle. This could be an attractive option for me, come to think about it, as the T5 technology is mature yet the LED technology is still developing. This means that the Stellar can be upgraded as new LED technology emerges while the Aurora V8 is not. Also the Stellar is available in the USA and cheaper than the Aurora.

I'll look at the Stellar reviews

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