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Thanks for your input Sk8r. I hear your theory that if a close relative of hammer (frogspawn) can do it, likely hammer can too. Seems plausible.

Love frogspawn, BTW. And Euphyllia in general.

Next time I notice a popped head I will try to glass dish it, and I will hold on to the "empty" skeleton branch to see what happens. My previous attempts to salvage bailed out polyps involved trying to glue them to something, which was a miserable failure as they just slimed their way out / off.

Do you think it's worth differentiating between a fragged branch and bailed polyp branch? With the fragged branch, all living tissue and usually at least an inch or two of skeleton below the polyp is removed. With a branch where a now bailed polyp recently lived, there is a chance of those "calcium-depositing cells" remaining.

For your frogspawn, how long did it take to show signs of regrowth, and how long until it looked like a "normal" polyp again?

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