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Yep, slow but steady.

I wasn't able to transfer the PWM code for the dosers to a standalone function, so I'll probably just use "delay" to cycle them on and off. If I figure out how many milliseconds it takes to dose x amount of liquid, I can use the delay in a "for" loop to control the dose.

I have built half of my controllable power supply box today. I still need to build the arduino-relay interface. I'll be using BJY devices to switch the relays. The arduino regulator can source 200 mA max. As current controlled devices, I needed to make sure that I don't draw too much current. With a 10k series resistor on the base, current draw of each BJT is less than 5 mA. The doser uses MOSFETs (voltage controlled, practically infinite gate impedance) so I should be well under 200 mA.

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