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Having some trouble properly implementing the ds18b20 1-wire temp sensor with labview and I don't feel like paying for a license for the precompiled 1-wire vi's so I just placed an order for some tmp36 temp sensors. Labviewhacker/LINX has prewritten VI's for this sensor so implementation should be relatively painless.

Also ordered a 16 pin i2c i/o expander for more digital pins and 3 digital pots that I plan on using to control my LED array. I'm using cheap maxwellen drivers that don't have 0-10v or PWM dimming. They use a pot, but I haven't really looked into what kind of signal they use. The digital pots were $1.50 ea, so if I can't get them to work, no big deal.

I also got labview to read and display data from the ds1307 last night. However, since this controller will utilize a PC based GUI and a dedicated PC, I'm not sure I'll be needing it now.

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