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Originally Posted by slief View Post
Yes. Closing the wedge pipe will raise the water level in the skimmer body causing the skimmate to be more wet and not stay in a foam state as long. You could also bump the pump speed by 1 watt but I like the foam I see there so if anything, I would close the wedge pipe a tiny bit and see what that does. In the mean time, I would put the lid on and see how it does as it is. If you find the foam filling the cup up and coming out the vent holes then close the wedge pipe ever so slightly. It won't take much but a fraction of a turn. That heavy foam is an indicator or plenty of DOC's. It's looking good though. Much better foam than the videos I saw with it at the high pump speed.

There are PLENTY of DOC's in the tank. I know it's a lite load in there but it's been semi skimmer less for awhile.


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