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Introducing the New Space Saving F5 Biopellet/Media Reactor

We're proud to announce that we have begun production of the all new space saving F5 biopellet/media reactor. It uses the same patent pending lifting plate design pioneered with the original 3-D printed version but is now milled from black cast acrylic (the lifting plate is still 3-D printed ABS plastic).

The lifting plate design in this unit forces the incoming water under the biopellet mass and over specially designed lifting fins. This lifts and completely fluidizes the biopellet mass by affectively causing the base of the reactor to act like one giant water jet. This is significantly more efficient then traditional designs and allows up to 400 ml of biopellets (enough for a 100 gallon tank) to be completely fluidized with a Rio 180+ pump (120gph). Complete fluidization with no deadspots results in clump free operation which is essential to use biopellets affectively over the long term. The lower flow rates also provide plenty of processing capacity for a 100 gallon tank (>2X turnover per day) while still allowing your skimmer to intake the entire output flow without overwhelming it.

Whats new:
Space saving over/under design. base footprint is 3 - 3/16" x 3 - 3/16"
Milled and assembled in the US from black cast acrylic
New base design that allows complete disassembly for cleaning
Addition of standard media plate which can be swapped out for the biopellet plate if you want to run GFO or carbon instead.

3 - 3/16" x 3 - 3/16" base x 18.5" tall
Capacity - 400 ml NPX biopellets
Pump - Rio+ 180
Output - 1/2" Sch 40 Black PVC.
MSRP: $149.99

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