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Mattís 210 rebuild

I started about 2 years ago planning our 210 overhaul. I designed a stand, did load calcs, hoping it doesnít fail lol. About 8 months ago I built the stand but the past 2 years we have been remodeling the house and the yard, too many projects and way to much work. On the plus side covid was a boon for boating so Iíve pretty much been stuffing the mattress. Sorry for those less fortunate.
Shortly after I built the stand I made a boo boo. My normal top off setup was down, so I was just doing it manually. Well my boy was 1 at the time. I was tired. I forgot I had the valve open. I diluted the tank super bad. It was Sunday evening and I was also out of salt. By the time I got to the store it had wiped out a bunch of coral. Softies mostly made it but nothing else. So Iíve been doing minimal maintenance for a couple months anticipating the rebuild. The tank has looked better but honestly everything that survived the kill is thriving, itís bizarre. I havenít done a water change or vacuumed up detritus in probably 3 months.

Anyway, last week I uncovered the stand and started prepping it. Itís steel. I cleaned it up. Acid bathed it. Blasted it. Put about 6 coats of epoxy anti corrosive prime on it. Sanded it. Faired it out. 2 more coats of primer. And 2 coats of white urethane. Itís the same stuff I use on boats. Itís a good product. I donít expect trouble. I didnít take any picture of it but I have renderings Iíll post. Itís 96L 30H 30D.
The other day I took down the gargantuan hood I had made to house ballasts and the triple halide setup I had been using. I threw some old leds up there in the meantime. Im not sure what lights I want yet.
Iíve got a trigger ruby sump that Iíve had for years. Iím going to reuse it. I know the flow characteristics thru it. I donít have to guess. I am however going to modify it so I can run dual 7Ē socks. And Iím going to run my skimmer external. Itís a downdraft type, pro clear I think made it. Honestly itís super old but it works really really well. Itís running internal now but I want more space in the sump.
Everything for the existing tank setup is self contained. Itís in a ďtubĒ if you will. It has a water supply. A Rubbermaid garbage can for water changes in the stand, plumbed to the sump. The sump is drilled and has drains for water changes. The tub drains out of the house. Overflows, spills, skimmer runoff, I can just hose it all out. I donít have to haul anything around. Just jump salt in the can. I want to replicate this again but with more finesse. This setup has worked for like 8 years but itís ugly and I want to be able to just press buttons and do it all electronically. So Iíve been designing the sump. Iíve decided to build a water change tank. Approx 30 gal. I can utilize the space better. Iíve been doing some tests with 1/2Ē pvc sheet, you can buy at Home Depot, and I think Iím going to use it. It glues up good. Strong enough for the purpose I think Iím going to use it for the cabinetry too instead of starboard, seeing as its 1/3 the cost and should hold up. Iíve not rendered this yet but Iím still working out if I can get away with a small sink built into the cabinetry, so the renderings I post may get updated.
Today I finished the rockscaping . Itís my first true rockscape. Iíve always just kind of piled up the rock. I was never really happy with it but it was good enough. This time I did it right. I am really happy with it. We run a bare bottom tank, so Iíve designed my rockscape with that in mind. Iíve got a preliminary powerhead setup in mind and worked it into the design. I used 2 pieces from the existing tank. The rest is all Marco rock or something like that. I bought it a year ago. I canít remember.
I purchased new acrylic over flows. Iím not sure if Iím going to baffle them and route some intakes lower or if Iíll just stick with surface skimming. Iím open to suggestions.
Iím going to reseal the tank. Iím not going to break down the panels but the corners are all mangled and I want to reseal it black anyway. Iíd like to get a decent rimless tank but my wife is pretty sure I donít know what Iím talking about and that with a little work the tank we have is fine, lol. Sheís probably right.
Thatís all I have for now.

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