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Originally Posted by nly04 View Post
@slief. I see your point. Look like I don't have much option and will leave the controller inside the stand.

How long will it take to break in and when do I need to adjust the power? What is the optimal power setting for this skimmer? my skimmer is running at lowest speed and currently at 15W. Skimmer is at 7.25” of water. I have total around 50inches of fish at the moment.
Ideal power setting is 18-22w. Break in period is about a week.

If you really want to add a connection, this would be about the best choice. It doesn’t require soldering and I am aware of others that have used this connector with success in the past. While neither myself or Royal Exclusiv advocate this as there IS risk of damaging your controller, this is about the best option.

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