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Originally Posted by AZRippster View Post
Does anyone know how long it takes for Royal Exclusiv to ship replacement parts? I had the pump head on my Red Dragon 3 Speedy pump 150 Watt fail this past weekend (4 June 21). I immediately got online and ordered a replacement. I was promptly billed for the part, but it's now Thursday (10 June 21) with no notification of shipment. Being this is my systems main pump, kinda need it replaced.
We normally quote 3-4 days per the website though it’s usually quicker. Orders are processed in the order they are received and there is usually an onslaught of orders over the weekend. Your pump head had to be pulled from a pump in inventory so that compounded things a bit since there is only one person pulling and packing orders. If your name is Russel, this is your tracking number. Our website doesn’t update with the tracking information as that is handled out of Germany where as the orders in the US are fulfilled in Ft. Myers by different personnel.

Anyhow, here is your tracking number.

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