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12/24/2012, 11:01 AM
I recently veered off course course and started a new hobby. Poison Dart Frogs.

I wanted to use my Apex that I currently have running my reef tank to run the frog tank as well. The only real problem is there was no way to monitor RT (humidity) with the Apex so I bought a separate stand-alone controller for it.

TBH, the controller I bought is weak. Sure it does what it's supposed to do but the web interface is a complete mess and it only has 4 A/C ports.

Last year I built my own "reef controller" using an Arduino Mega and a Chavet SR-8 relay pack. It sort of worked but had a few bugs I couldn't ever really get fixed and sort of gave up on it.

So I have the controller already and an entire EB-8 for the Apex I am not using.

My idea is to use the Arduino Mega and LCD along with a humidity sensor to monitor the humidity of the tank. In theory I should be able to open and close a transistor that would be hooked up to the Apex's mini-DIN8 I/O. The Apex would then turn on/off misters at the setpoint provided by the Arduino.

Sounds simple enough right?

I am pretty sure I can get the RT to print to the LCD without much problem but I may need some assistance when it comes to opening and closing the transistor based on the humidity sensor.

Would someone here be willing to me out on that part when the time comes?

08/14/2013, 05:07 PM
You know...reefkeeper makes exactly what you need already. Maybe Go that route?