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  1. Reef Controllers - Should we start a group project?
  2. Fish Room Control needs
  3. Royal/Bicolor Dottyback and a Shrimp
  4. My own controller project (and a couple requests)
  5. what would your dream controller do??
  6. DIY controller input
  7. Miracle product for sale
  8. PLC experts (ph Questions)
  9. pics of you PLC type controller
  10. moonlights that dim to a 29.5day cycle with a PIC microcontroller
  11. What controllers have an export function?
  12. What is this forum about?
  13. embedded linux controller?
  14. Siemens PLC Controller completed
  15. Advanced Tank Automation
  16. Thoughts on these??
  17. My Master Plan
  18. Who all out there is using the Ocelot?
  19. Programmable relay as controller?
  20. Probe to PC Interface
  21. DIY Groud Isolated Serial Connector??
  22. Updated info?
  23. Controller?
  24. Windows CE as the hart of a system?
  25. temp probe ?
  26. any Ya' Old Salts still here?
  27. PH/Temp data into a computer
  28. ?
  29. Personal Playground?
  30. Is there a working DIY controller out yet?
  31. RO Water System Controller
  32. pH & Temp Logging on PC
  33. PIC Microcontroller Based System?
  34. Probes for Orp
  35. Anyone using Allen Bradley products?
  36. Protein skimmer for 50gal tank
  37. DIY conductivity probe for salinity measurments
  38. ORP Problems?
  39. Labview
  40. WTD: acrylic cone !
  41. T-5s
  42. solenoid plumbing source
  43. Tiny Linux device available for $99
  44. Automated Aquarium Systems
  45. My DIY Automated Controller Build.
  46. Does anyone auto feed? plc controled
  47. diy lightning
  48. Jnior Controller
  49. budget expandable controller make and model advice
  50. R3ca
  51. DIY 0v-10v outlet timer controlled by PC?
  52. What exactly IS the R3CA project?
  53. Teco for a reef control?
  54. Apex AquaController Control4 Automation Driver and App
  55. DIY Controller - lots of features - reasonable to build
  56. pH probe recomendations for Arduino
  57. AquaMega: My electronics design project
  58. HYDRA RE: MCP23008 for relays
  59. DIY Arduino Controllable Power Strip
  60. Control Tunze Pump with arduino
  61. Return Pump
  62. what is this forum?
  63. ebay 8 channel 5v relay question
  64. anyone built their own ph circuit?
  65. chauvet realy pack test issues
  66. Re sealing a 75g fish tank
  67. What do I need?
  68. What glue to use on a skimmer?
  69. Diy collection cup for skimmer?
  70. Led cree - where online?
  71. Will this work?
  72. Temperature Measuring
  73. Arduino PCB Help Required
  74. My Auto Water Change System with a question
  75. Using TLC5940 to driver Meanwell ELN-60-48P PWM input?
  76. Arduino Aquarium Controller
  77. Problem with using nail polish?
  78. has any one used a decktop for an aquarium controller
  79. Diy stand for a 100 Gallon tank
  80. Foam wall
  81. Yet another arduino based controller
  82. Need a simple Arduino Sketch for Lights
  83. water level detection
  84. A little bit different of a setup
  85. Refugium
  86. Which Acrylic Rod Are Safe?
  87. question on DIY durso or gurgle buster
  88. Moon phase, rise/set
  89. Arduino controller lighting T5
  90. 90 Gallon Reef Setup
  91. Cheap probes for common ions and parameters?
  92. My Shark Tank Controller Build
  93. substrate for cics..
  94. Ply wood tank build question.
  95. And Another Arduino Controller Build
  96. IOT Photon