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03/29/2015, 12:26 PM
So my friends and I are building a large, easily replicable aquaponics system. I am in charge of getting some data. We chose the Raspberry Pi Model B (we are eventually going to move to the A+) since I have some experience with them and are using the Atlas Scientific Temp, PH, Light, and in the future Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.

So far we can get simple readings from each sensor. Now we are trying to setup the Atlas Scientific Serial Port Expander (https://www.atlas-scientific.com/product_pages/components/port_connector.html?) but cant seem to figure out why we cant get a reading. We have checked all of the wiring on our breadboard and everything seems in order. We have been trying to reconfigure this git repository (https://github.com/AtlasScientific/raspi) for our use.

If anyone has any past experience with using the Atlas Scientific Serial Port Expander please let me know how you got it working!

03/30/2015, 05:48 PM
I uploaded an image of our wiring diagram in case it helps anyone. Any "splits in the wire are through our breadboard. I can upload images of the setup as well if needed!.

Thanks in advance!

01/21/2017, 04:15 PM
Personally I'd just connect one sensor at a time to diagnose why you're not getting data - also what PSU are you using for the Pi itself?

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