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05/30/2015, 06:37 PM
I have loved this endeavor so far. I feel like I am joining a centuries old study.

I know many have entered into this code abyss. Has there been much success posted here yet. I have 30+ hours committed to building excel spreadsheets and 10+ hours coding but no real long term moon cycle tracking equations yet. Sampling a few months out and I am good but two years and I am off by half a cycle...

I am happy to post my attempts so far if there is any interest. But my question is really historical (so as not to repeat the efforts of others, but hopefully to add to them). I am being honest here when I say I haven't scoured the threads yet... not lazy just haven't done it yet.

The goal:
Dim a single LED with PWM that is consistent with moon intensity (phase) and realistic moon rise/ set times +/- 30 min. (moon wobble? ... the fish don't care)

Note: My efforts are based on moon appearance in Kalamazoo, MI. I chose this so that I can enjoy testing my theory in my own backyard (not some far of tropic... thats just me. If you want any other local, you'll have to develop your own hypothesis).

Observation: Storm X does not appear to address some fundamental moon behavior aspects. That being said their CODE is way over my experience level anyway (and I may be missing something)... but hopefully I am getting there.

01/21/2017, 05:05 PM
This site appears to have a reliable bit of code for calculation of moon phase and its written in C so if you're using arduino it should fit with relatively few modifications to syntax (though you might need some includes if the functions aren't present). http://www.voidware.com/moon_phase.htm

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